Teacher leads her class during summer school at Oak Street Elementary

Summer school and ESY in Falls Church City Public Schools are open with full-time, in-person learning!

Planning for this summer's sessions began in the cold days of winter — developing methods to respond to possible learning loss due to the pandemic.  As we continued to monitor and assess student learning, we were able to make instructional shifts in real-time to meet the needs of our students best while also maintaining rigor and pacing and standards alignment. 

The summer learning program allows students to make advancements while filling gaps where needed and provide additional academic support. Instructional leaders began meeting in February on the full in-person and robust summer program

Jessie Thackrey Preschool

Administrator: Susan Deal

Summer enrichment program for:

  • Students whose IEPs indicate a need for Extended School Year (ESY) services 
  • Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI) students
  • Community peers already enrolled at JTP

The instructional program will focus on literacy, numeracy, communication, and social development for our youngest learners. Additional speech, OT/PT, counseling, and other related services for special education students will be provided. 

Mount Daniel Elementary

Administrator: Jed Jackson

Approximately 90 students

Focus on academic as well as the social-emotional needs of students and provide a smooth transition for rising kindergarten students

Weekly social-emotional lessons and music enrichment with additional social opportunities are provided through lunch and recess.

Oak Street Elementary

Administrator  - Katy Reardon

Approximately 55 students confirmed

All students will receive academic support and enrichment through inquiry activities/lessons in literacy and mathematics.  Additional support in the 3rd-grade classroom to assist with instruction and the transition to Oak Street Elementary School.  

And  Extended School Year (ESY) services provided to special education students based on IEP team decisions. 

Mary Ellen Henderson

Administrator - Brittney Allen-Shaw

Two programs: CAREERS and Jumpstart - 56 students attending

CAREERS (Creative and Real-World Engaging Experiences Realized this
Summer) Program:

  • Students will focus on grade-level math/reading standards and infuse them with real-world, problem-based activities.
  • History and science content will be infused into the program to support all core academic areas

Husky JumpStart

The program will target academic, organizational, and social-emotional needs to
prepare students for the 2021-2022 school year. Students will receive support on grade-level content. 

Meridian High School

Administrator- Josh Singer 

Two Programs - Summer Academy and Summer Bridge

Summer Academy Purpose (~350 students) :

  • New Course Credit
  • Enrichment
  • Credit Recovery
  • Continuing Hy-C Classes

Summer Bridge purpose (~50 students) :

  • Reinforce skills needed for success
  • Opportunity to shore up critical skills