Teachers practicing for Hippo-Tiger Games

Teachers from Mt. Daniel and TJES were on the TJ field yesterday afternoon to practice the six competitive events for next Saturday's Hippo-Tiger-Giraffe Games. 

Students can help get their teachers pumped up by wearing their school colors during Spirit Week all next week. The HTG fan experience will be virtual this year, but the FCEPTA offers many of the beloved traditions.

+ Stadium Food and Snacks - four restaurants have partnered with the FCEPTA to provide dining at home while the games are streaming. See the FCEPTA website here for details and ordering deadlines. 

+ Raffle Baskets - there are 25 prizes to choose from, and the tickets are only $3 each. Choose your favorites here.

+ HTG Games Student Videos - if you're new to HTG Games or want to review the games and rules, you can watch students demonstrating them.

+ Get Fired Up - if you want to help your students get into the spirit of the competition, share these teacher practice photos with them.

FCCPS Photos/Carol Sly