The Road to Reopening

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a restful and enjoyable weekend. This is a new communication that I plan to send weekly to update you as we continue our plans for our reopening on August 24th. The intention is to send it on Fridays going forward but this week you will get two and Friday. This communication is to share quick clarifying information in a responsive way. I will work REALLY hard to keep it to one page and use bullets so it is easily digested. 

  • Thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive response to our communication on Friday and as of this moment nearly 600 families have returned the survey of intention and 97.3% indicate they will be coming back in the fall for face-to-face instruction. 

  • In an effort to be thoughtful about the July 4th Holiday weekend we will extend the deadline for submission of the survey until July 10th. It will be important to get it in by then so we can plan for the fall.

  • We have received great feedback and questions about the return to school plan and are very appreciative. Please know that the plan is an iterative process and there will be changes based on the feedback we have received. The intent Friday was to give a general framework for how we were proceeding into the fall. Please see the FAQ for more information - we will continue to update it as we go.

  • When the new GMHS is complete we won’t be able to use the old building for additional space. A good idea, but we have 45 days from completion of the new to vacate and turn over the old GMHS to the development team. However, the new building will afford us more space than we currently have and may provide further flexibility.

  • We are working on a Return to Play plan for VHSL sports. It is our intention to follow the guidance from the VHSL and, at this point, not put further restrictions into our plan.

  • When we return to alternating days, they will be full school days - not half days.

  • There are some students who will receive face-to-face instruction four days a week. The students who have been disproportionately impacted due to disability status, ESOL status, and economic status will be first to gain fuller access face-to-face. Families who will receive this option will be contacted directly in the next several weeks.

  • Please continue to model and enforce appropriate viral transmission hygiene. It is so important as we enter Phase 3 in Virginia that everyone wear a mask and appropriately social distance. If we have a spike in cases, we could be at risk of not being able to return to school face-to-face.

Have a great week!


Peter Noonan
Superintendent, Fall Church City Public Schools