IB MYP Assessment

IB schools organize learning and assessment that is consistent with the prescribed MYP objectives and criteria. Students engage in a range of authentic and targeted assessments that are focused on their learning and understanding.

MYP reports of student achievement communicate the student’s achievement level for each assessment criterion, in order to provide information about the student’s engagement with the objectives of each subject group.

IB MYP Subject Group Assessment Criteria

Language and literatureAnalysingOrganizingProducing textUsing language
Language acquisitionComprehending spoken and visual textComprehending written and visual textCommunicating in response to spoken, and/or written and/or visual textUsing language in spoken and/or written form
Individuals and societiesKnowing and understandingInvestigatingCommunicatingThinking critically
SciencesKnowing and understandingInquiring and designingProcessing and evaluatingReflecting on the impacts of science
MathematicsKnowing and understandingInvestigating patternsCommunicatingApplying mathematics in real-world contexts
ArtsKnowing and understandingDeveloping skillsThinking creativelyResponding
Physical and health educationKnowing and understandingPlanning for performanceApplying and performingReflecting and improving performance
DesignInquiring and analysingDeveloping ideasCreating the solutionEvaluating
MYP projectsInvestigatingPlanningTaking actionReflecting
InterdisciplinaryDisciplinary groundingSynthesizingCommunicatingReflecting