Fraud, Waste, Abuse Reporting

The Falls Church School Board and the Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations encourage any concerned individual to report financial fraud, waste, or abuse.

How to Report

Email: internalauditor@fccps.org

Phone: 703-248-5605

What to Report


Fraud includes all acts of personal gain, without limitation that results in damages or losses to the Falls Church City Public Schools.


Waste includes neglect, destruction, damage, or loss of property by someone entrusted with its use


Abuse is the improper use of resources or authority for financial gain.

Examples of what to you should report

  • Theft of money, property, inventory or supplies
  • Compensation for hours not worked or duties not performed
  • Creation of fictitious employees/vendors
  • Falsifying of invoices or transactions
  • Accepting gifts, bribes, kickbacks, rebates, or anything of value in exchange for giving a vendor business
  • Removing, borrowing, destroying FCCPS records, furniture, fixtures, or equipment without permission
  • Disclosing of confidential and proprietary information to outside parties
  • Inappropriate vendor relations
  • Receipt of undue benefits for self or family members
  • Illegal activities